How The Community Forum Is Structured

Our platform is organized as followed:

Main Category → Sub-Category (optional)→ Topic posts → Replies

For example, this post is filed under Getting Started (main category) → How the community forum is organized (Topic posts)

To break it down:

  • Category = a general subject
  • Sub-Category = specific section within the subject
  • Topic = a title for a conversation within the subject
  • Post = the main idea you want to talk about for the topic
  • Tag = to sort subject even further


  • Posts are also tagged for further categorisation
  • Pinned posts give further description in each main category
  • We highly recommend going into the correct sub-category before creating your new topic & post there
  • You may also choose a category from the drop down menu on the upper left corner your post (under the title)

please remember to select an appropriate sub-category as well!