Getting started in the community

Hello there! We’re excited to welcome you to the THC, the community fuelled by passion and purpose—on all things startup! We are absolutely delighted to have you onboard with us.

If you just landed in the community, here are a few quick steps to help you navigate your way around.

Step 1: Log in/Register

Claim your identity. This step is crucial for you to access the full perks of what the community has to offer, and also allows other members to recognise you.

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Step 2: Let us know you better!

Head over to introduce yourself to greet everyone else! Say a few sentences on who you are, or maybe even tell us your story. This allows us to better understand our members, so that we can enhance the community experience for you.

Step 3: Learn about the platform

Please take a few minutes to check out these posts:

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Community Vision and Goals
Meet The Team @ THC

Step 4: Go forth and take your first step

What are you waiting for? Start exploring now!