Community Vision and Goals

Community Vision & Goals

The Hacker Collective community is a shared community of hackers.

We are people with a mindset that anything can be done and anything is possible.

We choose to not let the status quo define us or what we can or cannot do.

That is what it means to hack.

To go outside the box beyond its intended purpose, and do something out of the ordinary.

To be different.

To be unique.

Goals of this community:

To form a tight knit community with like-minded, passionate individuals

  • To share innovative ideas among like-minded individuals
  • To make new connections and explore new concepts together
  • To discuss and receive feedback on your projects from fresh perspectives
  • To build on existing personal skills and explore new ventures
  • To provide a support system to overcome hurdles and elevate each other to further heights

To provide equal education and opportunities for all

  • To encourage open sharing of knowledge and information in a collaborative manner between community members
  • To give individuals the freedom and targeted platform to pitch their ideas and projects
  • To provide real-world business opportunities to dynamic and enthusiastic individuals

Collectively, to build an engaging and enjoyable platform full of opportunities for individuals on their quest to being a successful entrepreneur.