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Hi all!

Welcome to Malaysia’s most awesome start-up community :slight_smile:

With a growing community base, we feel that it is important for our members to share a little more about themselves.

Some questions to help you out with first introductions:

  1. Who are you?
  2. Your industry and profession?
  3. Why did you join this community?
  4. What do you hope to get from joining this community?
  5. Share your passion, interests, or even fun facts!

Have fun & enjoy your time here!

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Thanks for creating this thread Samantha!

Hello everyone :wave:

Deric here, the co-founder of The Hacker Collective! I love building businesses and I’m constantly thinking of how successful startups are built. I believe most things in life can be self-taught and everyone should have a bucket list of skillsets they want to level themselves up with!

Instead of going extremely deep and become experts in 1 domain, I personally vibe with the idea of being a jack of all trades when it comes to running businesses. Knowing most things just enough to be dangerous.

I’ve spent the past 2 years hashing up my skillsets in software development technologies and building automated digital marketing funnels.

What I’m actively looking into now: building busineses and mastering the art of fundraising.

Welcome to The Hacker Collective!

Would love to connect with anyone who’s reading this!

Here’s my Linkedin:


Hello! My name is Bernard and I am currently a part of The Hacker Collective’s tech team. I came from engineering domain and explored a number of industries before finally landing myself in tech.

I started to code since mco and joined the community to expand my network and learn alongside people with similar interests. Got to meet and work with a bunch of really awesome folks here and I’m hoping to get to know more of you. Other than coding, I spent my weekends growing veggies.

Look forward to chat :slight_smile:


Hello everyone :wave:. My name is Mohammed and I am currently a part of the Tech team at THC . I have a business background in the FnB industry.

I wrote my first ’ Hello world ’ code using HTML and fast forward 5 months later, I managed to land an intern position by the end of November 2021. I have met a lot of talented individuals that helped me learn many interesting concepts. Shoutout to our awesome team members :raised_hands: !

I enjoy the process of learning and being way out of my comfort zone as it always leads to interesting experiences.

I hope to learn more about coding and finances.

Other than coding. I spend my weekends swimming , find new places to eat and talking about conspiracy theories :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

Do drop me a text. I’m always down to meet new people :raising_hand_man:.


Hey there, Pierce here from The Hacker Collective’s tech team.

Born in your typical asian household, I’ve been equipped with multiple skills such as music, piano, and taekwondo (which was kind of a chore as a kid, but I’d consider it a blessing now). Not only that, I even more fit the stereotype of being an asian kid by being genuinely interested in and enjoying things such as mathematics, science and problem solving. These exact quirks are what eventually lead me to where I am today, doing what I do best :laughing:. Also hoping to expand my network get to know more about the people here in the community.

Outside of coding and solving algorithms, I tend to relax, play some games and also watch some anime.
If you’re also into that sort of thing feel free to hit me up, I’ve noticed a few other people do share those same interests so maybe we could even make a small community for that too :rofl:!


Hey guys,
My name is Ming. I’m the co-founder of The Hacker Collective.
I love starting new businesses and working with tech.
My goal is to own my very own penthouse within the next 2 years.
Currently I’m running all the tech projects at The Hacker Collective as well as starting up our community of hackers and entrepreneurs.
My hobbies are reading and sports although in the past few years I haven’t had any time to do reading.

Feel free to reach out to me at

I love to explore new business ideas and launch startups together.


Hi everyone, Weiqi here from Kedah. Graduated with a degree in accounting and finance and currently a finance analyst at an MNC. I also spent three years working in FnB industry as mixologist :cocktail:

Joining this community to meet new friends and expand my network. I started to have interest in tech related stuff few years ago and thanks to the classes offered by THC, I got a chance to kick start my tech journey. I’m very keen in starting new things and I believe technology is the one that will change the world and the future.

I don’t have much hobbies other than movies and collecting gin. Not really a sport person but I do love american football, jogs and obstacle races. :football: :man_running:

Looking forward to meeting you guys! Cheers!