Case Study #1: Pathforge

Background Overview

Pathforge is an educational portal that believes in gamification and social learning. We want to make online learning fun and something that learners can do with others. Current online learning platforms, whilst good, are not helping with the talent shortage that is happening. A lot of individuals are still paying for universities. People learning online are finding it lonely and difficult. Pathforge is a social platform that aims to solve that by letting people learn with groups and with friends, to keep them accountable for the long run.

Pathforge also believes that to learn you have to teach. So it promotes a peer to peer model where your friends in your learning group will help you learn and solve each other’s problems if they get stuck.

Finally, Pathforge encourages people to contribute their own learning material. There is too much content on the web, but not enough of it is curated. Having curated content will make the learning journey more structured and prevent people from going down the wrong path.

Problem Statement

We want to get educators, individuals and experts posting their educational material on Pathforge. How do we encourage them to do this, given that Pathforge is still a new platform with a handful of users.

  1. What are the steps that Pathforge should do to get 100 educators on the platform

  2. How can pathforge encourage companies to back the content on the platform

  3. How can pathforge change the mindset of Malaysian individuals that university degree is needed to get a job

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  2. Please arrange your solutions in order of problem statement.

Thank you & happy solving!


  1. Encourage educators by letting them know the benefit of posting educational materials on the platform. E.g. earn extra income, reach more students or learners, etc. Highlight how many learners on the platform helps.

  2. Get enough users/learners to be relevant, maybe >10,000 MAUs, etc. With a lot of MAUs and many educators, great qualified educators, companies will see the value to invest in the contents.

  3. Provide key success metrics from the platform, i.e. job placements through learnings or earning certificates through the platform. Alternatively, ivy placements from earning certificates through the platform will be a boost, i.e. getting a job at Google, AWS, etc. through learning from the educators on the platform. Win-win for both educators and learners. Educators get recognition with the platform, and learners get great placements.

P.S. The link doesn’t work so I’ll just post it here.